Shootout Rules for 9/5

For racers competing in The Race to Victory Circle Shootout held on September 5, we've outlined the key rules to keep in mind below.  These rules only apply to the event on 9/5/2020.

Racers are strongly encouraged to download the full rule book to ensure they understand every element of the competition.  Download the full rule book here.


Summary of Rules


  1. During the morning sessions, the track will be open for test & tune and qualifying.

  2. Racers will be allowed to make as many passes as they can within the allotted hours.

  3. To qualify, each racer must complete at least one ‘fair start’ pass (meaning that they started the run below 65.99 MPH).

  4. Each racer’s personal best/highest finish MPH (from a ‘fair start’ run) will automatically be used to qualify and bracket each racer.

  5. Over the lunch break (approx. 1PM), RaceMotive staff will post the top 8 cars/racers within each MPH group. Racers will be responsible for determining if they’ve qualified.

  6. Classes will be based on the following MPH indexes: 140-159 MPH, 160-169 MPH, 170-179 MPH, 180-189 MPH, 190-199 MPH, and 200+ MPH.


  1. Following lunch (approx. 2PM), all qualifying racers for the ‘140-159 MPH’ and the ‘160-169 MPH’ classes will report to pit lane.

  2. Announcements will be made periodically to call up other groups.

  3. Failure to arrive by the designated start time will result in immediate disqualification.

  4. A RaceMotive staff member will pair off the top 8 cars within each class.

  5. For each match up, a RaceMotive official will perform a coin toss to determine which racer gets the choice of lane.

  6. For all races, the left lane will set the pace. It is the responsibility of the car in the right lane to follow as close or far behind as they wish, but the right lane must notstart ahead of the car in the left lane.

  7. If the right lane racer starts ahead of the left lane, then they are disqualified.

  8. Both cars must have a verified start speed of 65.99 MPH or less. If either car exceeds this start speed, they are disqualified.

  9. Assuming a ‘fair start’, the first car to cross the finish line flags first wins (regardless of MPH trap speed).

  10. During this time, there will be a 5.00 mph breakout rule (meaning no car can go 5.00 mph or faster the upper limit of their class or they will be disqualified). For example, if a racer in the ‘160-169 MPH’ group has a trap speed of 176 MPH in the shootout, they will automatically be disqualified.

  11. Both cars will return to pit lane for their results and time slips. The winning car will advance to the next matchup, while the losing car will be removed from the shootout.

  12. Within each match-up, each racer will have (1) opportunity to challenge the ruling.All challenges must immediately be raised with the RaceMotive Marshall.  Each challenge will be reviewed, and a case-by-case determination will be made.  In the event a challenge is upheld, the race will be re-run.  In the event the challenge is not granted, the call will remain, and that racer will forfeit their right to challenge for that match-up.

  13. The final car remaining within each MPH class will be designated as the class winner.

  14. After all semi-finals and finals are run, any time left will revert to open test & tune racing.

  15. The winners of each class will be asked to report to Victory Circle at 5PM to claim their prizes and take their photos.