The RaceMotive Full-Prep 1/2 Mile Shootout - Racer (Covers the Driver Only)
The RaceMotive Full-Prep 1/2 Mile Shootout - Racer (Covers the Driver Only)
The RaceMotive Full-Prep 1/2 Mile Shootout - Racer (Covers the Driver Only)
The RaceMotive Full-Prep 1/2 Mile Shootout - Racer (Covers the Driver Only)

The RaceMotive Full-Prep 1/2 Mile Shootout - Racer (Covers the Driver Only)

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Racers get ready to go fast nation's first-ever fully prepped 1/2 mile shootout!  The recently renovated S.R.C.A Dragstrip in Great Bend, KS has just undergone a multi-million dollar renovation to create the perfect track for cars of all power levels to put it all down.


• Freshly poured concrete that is perfect smooth
• Full track prep in both lanes for the full 1/2 mile
• Burnout box / water box
• Standing 1/2 mile (2,640' (double a standard 1/4 mile)
• Over 5,100' total track length
• Sand trap at the end of the strip (just in case)


Full-Weekend Racers

• Choose a full weekend ticket to compete in 1 of 6 classes
• Day 1 is unlimited open-runs all day, your personal best MPH will count towards qualify within your respective class
• The top-10 MPHs within each class will be announced Saturday evening
• Day 2 will start with single-elimination brackets for each class until a winner for each is crowned
• Don't worry, even if you get knocked-out or don't make the top-10, you will still have plenty of open-run time on Sunday after the brackets are completed

Single Day Racers

• Perfect for those unable to commit to a full-weekend
• Come try the 1/2 mile, shoot for your personal best
• Single day racer trap speeds do not count towards qualifying
• Day 1: Single day race ticket holders for Saturday will also enjoy open-runs all day long (alongside the competing registrants)
• Day 2: Once elimination brackets are completed in the morning (est. by 12 or 1PM), single day race ticket holders for Sunday will be allowed to return to the track for open-runs until the track closes.

1 of 6 Classes to Register Within (Must Choose Only 1)

Heavy Hitter Class
Balls to the wall, no power limits
Reserved for all cars making 1,600 WHP and more

Manual Transmission Class
Must have a manually shifted transmission
Clutch engagement for all gears
Max WHP limit is 1,599 WHP

DCT Class
Must have a DCT (dual-clutch) transmission
Max WHP limit is 1,599 WHP

American Muscle Class
A class for the All American V8
Max WHP limit is 1,599 WHP

Street-Stock Class
Stock or mildly modified vehicles under 700 WHP
Max WHP limit is 699 WHP
Heavy Weight & 4-Door Class
Must have a curb weight of 4,000 lbs or more, and/or be a 4-door sedan, SUV, or truck

Tech/Safety Requirements


  • Battery is secured and positive terminal has a cover
  • Throttle cables are free of any binding 
  • No fluid leaks 
  • Radiator overflow is in functioning condition 
  •  All vehicles with nitrous or methanol fuels must inform event staff


  •  Wheel hubs and bearings have no play 
  •  Spring and shock bolts are in safe working condition
  • All suspension and underbody bolts are tight
  • Aftermarket steering wheels are safely attached 
  •  All wires and hoses are secured and free from any moving parts
  • All lug nuts are tight and torqued
  • Tires are DOT legal and have no cords showing 
  • Tires must have a speed rating no less than V
     (tires with no speed rating will need to be reviewed by event staff)
  •  Tires must not be over 5 years old


  • Brake lines are secured 
  • Brake rotors are in good shape (not cracked or warped) 
  • Brake fluid condition is good or better
  •  Brake pads have more than 5mm left


  • All racers must wear a Snell-rated SA2015 or SA2020 helmet (check your ratings before arriving, anything older will be denied)

Seat Belts & Harnesses

  • All racers must utilize either OEM seat belts or driver restraints properly installed SFI or FIA rated harnesses with, at minimum, four points. Four points shall consist of two lap-belts and two shoulder belts. A submarine belt (5-point) is highly recommended. Belts must not be expired and not older than five years from manufacture.
Vehicles Trapping 180-199 MPH Must Also Have
  • SFI-rated racing gloves (no cotton, wool, leather, or other material)
  • SFI-rated jacket (full suit recommended)
  • Fire extinguisher properly mounted within reach of the driver

Vehicles Trapping 200 MPH or More Must Also Have

  • SFI-rated racing gloves (no cotton, wool, leather, or other material)
  • SFI-rated full suit
  • Fire extinguisher properly mounted within reach of the driver
  • A braking parachute produced by a recognized drag racing parachute manufacturer. Parachute must be in good condition and free of any damage. Parachute cable housings should be mounted solidly to frame tube or other suitable member. The release housing must be attached within 12-inches (30.5 cm) of the parachute pack and in a manner that will allow the inner cable bto release the chute. Parachutes must have their own independent mounting.
  • Roll Bar Properly installed roll bar with, at minimum, four-points is required for all vehicles exceeding 200mph. Six-point and eight point cages are highly recommended.
  • Properly installed HANS Device or similar neck restraint whereas the helmet shall be connected to the restraint to provide neck support.
  • Vehicles expecting to exceed 200mph will be verified during the tech review the morning of the event, these vehicles will also have an additional drivers meeting to attend.
  • Any vehicle expected to exceed 200mph will need to receive a vehicle indicator that will be provided by the event staff if the vehicle is approved and capable of exceeding 200mph. Please ensure this is placed on your vehicle windshield.

Violations of Rules

  • At the discretion of the event staff and chief tech officer any tech/safety violations may be subject to a vehicle being disqualified.
  • Any vehicle who exceeds 200mph without the required safety equipment will be given 1 warning for the current event they are racing (unless the vehicle is grossly over 200mph).
  • If you exceed 200mph for a second time at that event you will be disqualified from running for the remaining length of the event.

Pocono Raceway

1234 Long Pond Road
Long Pond, PA 18334